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Jul 06, 2016
Deborah Fancett
Introduction of new President
Jul 13, 2016
Jul 20, 2016
Karen Baldwin
Girl Scouts Troop 1186
Jul 27, 2016
Warren Green
Medical Technology Prep
Nov 23, 2016
Dec 21, 2016

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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Michelle and Nate Calkins of the Search and Rescue team presented today!
Michelle reports that this year the team has spent about 3700 hours either in training or on active rescue.
Michelle told the story of the Kitrich rescue – she noted that the woman made it more difficult to be found by continuing to walk. The best plan is to STAY PUT!
One happy note - there are fewer rescues required because of GPS and cellphones – very helpful tools. Nate recommends taking some equipment if you go for a hike – water, hiking boots (no flip-flops) and basic protective clothing. A mirror and light are helpful!
The Search and Rescue group is recruiting constantly – if you are interested, arrange to come to a meeting!

Report From Korea
Incoming President Deborah Fancett gave us a report on her visit to Korea for the Rotary Convention!
She had a great time – a few observations: Seoul is a beautiful city, and one of the cleanest places she has been. Also, Deborah noted that it seems that there were very few people that speak English.
The conference was absolutely amazing, with 44,000 people in attendance. The keynote speech by the Secretary General of the UN was very inspiring.  Deborah thanked us all for the opportunity to participate.

Laura Dyberg did a special Father’s Day tribute – along with taking credit for the special party favors on the tables.
Laura relayed a story about her Dad – who believed that everyone needs 2 things to get along in life – duct tape and WD-40. Sounds like a wise man to me! 
To Laura, Dad’s fix things – and therefore make the world better!

Our speaker for today was Kelly, the director of Camp Pavika. Kelly gave a great presentation once again about the extraordinary work they do with mentally and physically disabled children and adults.  Kelly will be sending a flyer about a Rotary Open House on August 13th.





Shab and Bricia El Awar presented our club with award from the club from Mexico ( El Club Rotario de Cd. Juarez,A.C.) for our contribution to sending Kids with Cancer to Disneyland.

Shab El Awar presented our club with a certificate for our amazing contribution to polio.


Rudy said the conference in Korea was a great conference. The people are very grateful
to the U.S for our help in 1953. The conference next year is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Boy Scout Will Paginni presented his project to install new goal posts at Charles Hoffman. He stated he still needs $350 for the project. David and Geoff Hopper offered $200 if the Sunrise Rotary would donate $100. The Rotary voted to approve!!!


Nyron McClean reported on efforts to bring healthcare to Haiti – and had a photo presentation of the program under way there. The program was in the North, with an 11 hour ride on a dirt road to get there.


On this trip, they were able to screen 708 women for cervical cancer, the found 43 that were positive and were able to successfully treat 35. Nyron says that many of these people have never seen a doctor.


They are working of putting together a second trip, hoping to screen 1700 – 1800 women this time.


$1,600 of our DDf funds went to this project this year!


Girl Scout Madison Oaks presented her “Gold Award” project – a new sidewalk at Rim High between the portable classrooms and the tennis courts. The existing area needs lots of help – there are some concrete bleachers there, but it’  very difficult to access them due to the terrain. Madison plans to remedy the problem.
Madison presented a series of photos and drawings of the project, and reported that Pat Brennan will be helping to mentor the project, and it has been approved by the School and the senior administration.
The project will cost about $5,500, with plans to start on July 1 – and you can come to help!
In our usual conservative and careful approach to helping, Geoff Hopper proposed a $1500 donation to be made by the club, to be matched by his own $1,500 with an immediate vote – which passed. (Surprise!!)

Geoff Hopper recalled a long series of awards our club received at the District Conference – Youth Development Award, the RYLA/PRYDE Award, and the Interact Award!

Charlie Harrison, Administrator at Mountains Community Hospital gave us an update of Hospital happenings:
  • We have positive cash flow! People who didn’t pay their bill before Obamacare do now! Well, actually, the government does – which helps.
  • The have purchased a building in Running Springs, and are delighted with the new Rural Clinic there.
  • The hospital has purchased the Medical Arts building next door – and is the largest tenant.
  • They are working on a seismic retrofit of the hospital building – should be done in about a year - $4,000,000 worth.
  • Once the seismic retro is done, they will build a new acute care wing to increase the bed count, which will allow an increase of beds for elder care.
  • The monitoring equipment we donated has been a great help.
  • They are looking forward to refinancing the outstanding debt next year to lower the cost.
All in all, it seems like operations at our hospital are doing well – everyone is happy Charlie extended his contract!




Deborah presented 3 of our PRYDE Group!


We sent 5 to the PRYDE camp this year – there were 277 total campers, and 35 adult volunteers to run this year’s camp.

A couple of comments from our campers present:
Aiden: Spends more time thinking about ways to be more helpful to others Madison: Learned a lot about team-building.
Veronica: Learned about teamwork, and how to work with classmates.
Rudy presented a sound-less video of the camp – and provided voice over!
One of the PRYDE projects was to pack 750 backpacks with supplies for homeless people – quite an accomplishment!







The students led the group in one of the PRYDE cheers: Chugga-Chugga-ChuggaChuggaChugga! – FUN!


RYLA Presentation
Rudy started things off with a video from the RYLA Camp, and we were introduced to
our RYLA campers. FIRST they led us in a very fun chant – not everyone was excited.
  • Ariana: GREAT time meeting people; definitely came out of my comfort zone! The speakers were amazing.
  • Danae: What a blessing this was! My favorite was the icebreaker sessions when we arrived!
  • Mollie: Changed my life – what an opportunity, I learned a lot about being a leader.
  • Heidi: I made 275 new friends! – The action never stopped!
  • Elizabeth: Thank you so much for the opportunity – I’ve “broken free!”
  • Ben: What a wonderful opportunity, great food. We all became a family – especially with the discussion groups. I received 118 texts by the time I got home!
A few fun facts:
Ours is the largest RYLA in the system, 550 high school juniors.
  • The camp is run by alumni
  • More photos and info –




The focus of Tim’s presentation was that we don’t need government interfering in all our lives and businesses. We need to get government interference reduced!



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