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Apr 12, 2017
Stephanie Neumen, Uganda trip
Janice Rutherford
Apr 26, 2017

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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Home Page Stories
RYLA! We had 3 of our campers with us this morning – Laura, Claire and Luke.
Today we had a chance to watch a very detailed video about last weekend’s RYLA Camp.
BOY do they look like they had fun!
A few comments:
Luke: The culture walk was quite an event – almost life-changing. And, if you want to learn to work together, there’s nothing like the board walk!
Laura: Laura liked the culture walk too, and really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know all of the members of her group well.
Claire: Culture walk was her favorite, too – and Claire really enjoyed connecting with all of the people of their generation.
Thanks for sponsoring us!
Claire, Laura and Luke led us in a favorite cheer: “PARTY!”
The RYLA parents had a few words as well:
What a great opportunity for our kids, the event really strengthened them – gave them a good push toward adulthood – and wouldn’t it be great if High School was like RYLA?!
Larry King, Assistant Superintendent of Rim of the World USD spoke today.
Mr. King gave us a bit of his background – 25 years in the army prior to his education career. Sounds like a good background for an educator.
Larry spends a lot of time in the various schools – and has a focus on discipline and school safety. There has been a lot of reporting in the local press regarding the discipline problems at the schools, especially at Rim. Larry had a few thoughts in response:
The components of discipline are pretty straight forward:
  • Clear communication standards
  • Treat students with respect  and with fairness
  • What happens afterwards?
Mr. King related an example – if a student acts with direct defiance, maybe using profane and threatening language, one reaction may be to send them to the principal. It could be that what’s really happening is to give what’s known as an “exit”- where the student simply gets to skip class. What they try to do is to find a way to NOT give an exit – and to find ways to do things to help.
More later!
Quick Announcement
Michelle announced that the bowing scores are now in the paper! – And she passed the hat to raise a few dollars for the “Bowling for Education” program – raised about $300 for her team!




Emily, Paulina and Ian presented the Rim Literature Club program.


They went through the basics of the group, and their current activities. They have been reading both literature and also introducing kids to poetry at all of the elementary schools. They also had fun with kid’s assemblies, and put on a Dr. Seuss Birthday play! They will be reading at the hospital on March 18 and 25th.




They could use some help buying books – and will submit a request for donation.



Quite a handsome group!



Rudy Westervelt shared his trip to Haiti with the group.


What a desperate place – what could be a beautiful island nation is a nation of desperately poor and apparently helpless people. Rudy shared a few photos, and stories of his visit. Trash piled shoulder height, armed guards at the hospital and absolutely no sanitation.






A couple of facts:


Population: 10.9 million – U.S.: 318.9 million

Lack of Literacy rate: 48.7%m – U.S.: 12% (there is no excuse for this in the U.S.)

Life Expectancy: 62 - U.S. 78.7

Average annual family income: $1,720 – U.S.: $52,000.

Laura Dyberg gave us a bit of history of Women’s Day – it all started in 1908, and led to Women’s Suffrage – The Duarte Rotary Club had the honor of admitting the first woman as a member and promptly lost their club charter – which, when people came into their right minds, was returned – and they elected the first woman club President – Sylvia Whitlock!
Colleen and Rob Myers presented their program – “PLUR Life Ministries”
What a group. Colleen started a job with Rim Family Services that led her to study Rave events that end up being drug problems for our youth. Her look at the problem resulted in she and Rob organizing an effort to rescue young people from the drug and sex trafficking culture that surrounds the RAVE events.
The PLUR Ministries works with a faith based message, and direct intervention. Intervention is done mostly by “Moms” – women who might have children the age of those being served. It has been found that women have better results initially because of the “Mom” role. A lot of the youth have had an early life without the leadership of parents, so they have found that a mom is in a good position to help. It’s also good to hear that faith based programs seem to have a better chance of success that secular – political programs.
They have a very well developed program that includes direct intervention, a “Camp 33” weekend designed to provide direct care for the youth with a strong emphasis on faith.
Quite a program – and quite a ministry. Both Colleen and Rob have quit their jobs and work with PLUR Ministries full time.
Choices Presenters Bill Stanley, Rick Miller, Laura Dyberg, Barry Robinson, Rudy Westervelt came to the front – Jim Johnstone and Denise Rosenblatt participated but weren’t here – Organizer Geoff Hopper presented everyone with a framed photo of them in the thick of the presentation.
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