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Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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Today’s program was offered by Gene Lumsden, owner of Turner’s Outdoorsman.


Gene gave us a bit of his background as to how he ended up in the sporting goods business. It turns out that Gene was discovered as a competitive trap shooter early in life, which led to quite a career as a professional shooter. It all started by buying a $1 raffle ticket that got him a shotgun re-loader. After his father bought him a shotgun, his shooting career became legendary.


As Gene advanced up to Olympic Games, he finally arrived at the idea that he was really good at shooting, but wanted to do more to make his mark. So he began a series of career steps that led up to becoming the CEO of a rifle importer, which purchased a near defunct Turner’s Outdoorsman in 2009. The company has become the largest seller of sporting firearms in California – with more growth to come.


Gene spent some time discussing current and upcoming legislation in California, and the problems the laws present to the public.


Gene spent some time discussing the upcoming “re”-registration requirement for AR style rifles – even if you own one that was purchased and registered in California, it must be re-registered to avoid the owner becoming a de facto felon. Gene thinks that is unreasonable, and discussed the ramifications.


Gene also discussed the upcoming regulations that will require a $50 permit for the purchase of ammunition in California. No one knows how it will happen, who will enforce it, or where the money will go. What Gene suspects is that people will just buy their ammo while visiting Nevada.


An amazing success story! Thanks for your talk, Gene!

A few thoughts from Governor Bob Duistermars:
He is very happy with the amazing clubs here and our great connections with our communities. What we need to do is offer people an opportunity to help!
Bob gave us a bit of his history, and how he found Rotary:
He retired from the dairy business, and Mrs. Duistermars suggested he needed to find work, or find an 8 hour a day hobby! So Bob went to work with the United Way, ending up as the local CEO. Along the way, the United Way people thought he should get to know the community – so he joined the Rotary in the community! The rest is history…
  • There are so many things we are positioned to fix – and Rotary can do it!
  • Rotary is “scalable”- big, middle or small – we can work with anything.
  • Our job is to connect outcomes – think about the ripples!
A few thoughts on Rotary:
Governor Bob Duistermars presented the Medals:
  • Geoff Hopper – PH+6!
  • Rudy Westervelt – PH+6!
  • John Moore – PH +3!
  • Barry Smart – PH+2!
  • Ed Perry – PH+1!
Barry Robinson called Geoff Hopper to the front to present a very special plaque – honoring those who “Don’t Know S--- from Shineola.”

Induction Master Geoff Hopper, after doing extensive research was somehow unable to uncover ANY dirt of new Rotarian Debbie Hopper. (Big surprise)


We’re happy to have her membership anyway!


Welcome, Debbie!

Our presentation today was from Carol Brady, from Action for Children, Zambia
Carol’s organization is something. Their focus is on taking care of the large number of homeless children of all ages in Zambia. Carol happened across this almost by accident, when she saw the large amount of help that was needed due to the utter lack of concern for the large population of children in the country.
So she created her cause – Action for Children, Zambia.  The group has become quite a force in the country, providing Outreach, Crisis Care, Salvation Home, Education Scholarship, and the Kulanga Baqna Farm. The farm is a place where members of their family can live and work with a permanent family – which is the focus of the group.
The organization is truly amazing in the care that is delivered – and we recommend you have a look at the website – to get the full story.


Jeffrey Barnes is a college professor that decided to pursue his dream of creating a college course about the history and genius of Walt Disney and his creation Disneyland.


Jeff gave us a bit of history about Walt’s successes and failures, and very interesting facts about the creation of what is now the largest and greatest media empire on earth! It turns out that Walt had a number of miss-fires and a bankruptcy before he finally created what would end up being Walt Disney Enterprises. It is a very inspiring story, and Jeff carried through on his dream to not only create a class on the story, but also write a very inspirational book about Walt Disney – the Dreamer!


Thanks for having a dream, Jeff – Great story!


Chris was in Switzerland last year and gave us a quick rundown on his year spent there – one big benefit was that he learned how to speak German! He says he learned a lot about connecting with people, and the hardest part was making friends and saying Good-bye!


Chris thanked us for helping him to participate in the program.

Russ Keller, writer and local historian gave us a talk on the “Murder on the Mountain.”
Russ tells a great story about an early owner of the San Moritz club. He and his wife were murdered by an explosion on his yacht in Newport Harbor. Turns out the murder trial was the longest on record at the time – his daughter and boyfriend were tried and exonerated for the crime – that they had obviously committed.
Quite a story by a great storyteller!
Alyssa and Carl presented for the Mountain Search and Rescue today.
Carl spent a lot of time describing the level of training they all go through to get certified to be on the team. They are trained in radio use, compass use, tracking, lost person behavior, evacuation training and much more.
Alyssa and Carl told the story of a deep creek tracking – and the problems of finding a lost person.  A young woman was lost for 3 days – and the search team had all but given up hope when they found her asleep on a rock in the sun. Everyone was excited when she woke up!
The team is thankful for Rotary, and our help in supplying them with the equipment that they need to do their job!
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