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Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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Home Page Stories
Local Novelist Ken Decroo visited with us – with a talk about his first novel –“Almost Human” and his current efforts for the sequel – “More than Human.”
Ken talked a bit about his career, and noted that all of his occupations have been fraught with difficulty – but being an author is by far the worst. He had 98 rejections from agents before finally finding one that would help!  Now that that’s behind him he reports that there are 442,000 copies of his book in print, and it has been picked up by Kindle.
Ken reports that after the publisher found the market for his book, they offered and he signed a deal for 2 more books – that included an advance!  Which means that he is writing frantically to produce “More than Human” prior to the deadline.
Ken spoke a bit about the craft of writing – He notes a few thoughts:
For him, the idea starts as a “fossil” that begins the process of “digging” up the story. In his first book, he was well into it when has editor asked how the book would end – and he reported he didn’t know, the story was still unfolding. The editor replied that he would need to send her the end before she would edit any further – which GREATLY aided the process!
The whole project started when Ken was a young man – and he discovered a chimp that could communicate with sign language – which lit the fire.
Ken relayed lots of stories about his career in Hollywood, and things that led him to where he is now.
It’s pretty easy to see that Ken is a master storyteller - !

Number 2: Bill Johnson


An update on Sky Park at Santa’s Village:


They have managed to pull of 30 days! Everything went well, no back-ups or complaints. They have 300 employees at present. The holidays were pretty much sold out, all of the tickets were sold online, they sold none at the gate.


At the moment, about 20% of the park is open, with pending permits and authorizations still in the works. Bill seems a little upset with the problems associated with getting the approvals, especially with issues regarding groups that oppose the development like the Sierra Club that has threatened a lawsuit.


Bill says the park maxes out at 1000 visitors, has no idea how they crowded 4000 in in past years.


They think about 20,000 people visited the park in December, and they are working on a reduced charge for people who would like to visit to have dinner - everyone likes that idea!


An amazing project!



New Member Initiation
Long time breakfast freeloader Mila Scolnick was the subject of Initiation Master Geoff Hopper’s extreme vetting – which resulted in ABSOLUTELY NO DIRT on Mila. The worst he could come up with is that her two sons are both lawyers!
One other thing – a story regarding “cutting the cheese.”  Who knows what that’s all about.



Number 1: Olivia Baldwin – Gold Star Project for Girl Scouts


Olivia is planning a Literacy and Reading project at the Coop Nursery, and she is looking for volunteers to help out! She managed to find at least 3 in our group.

Stephanie Phillips reports that Rim High will be sponsoring a special speaker Mr. Henry Olster.  Mr. Olster is a man who was taken from his home in Germany during the Holocaust at age 5. He was liberated at age 16 – his father had starved to death, his mother was a victim of gassing. We are welcome to the program – Friday the 16th at 10am.
Rudy had a short video of this year’s camp. Denise, Mike Mueller and Karen worked as Tribal Elders.
A few thoughts:
  • Mike – this was new to me, nothing like hanging out with 267 7th graders!
  • Denise – If you want to feel old – here’s your game!
  • Karyn – enjoyed the culture walk – and all of the great stories!
All of the Elders received gold pins to commemorate their service!
PRYDE participant Zack had a great time – and offered his thanks for the opportunity!
Bev Rios spoke today about Mountain Hearts and Lives. Her main focus is to thank our group for our long support.
They are currently in the process of their Coat ad Christmas Toy drive – and are still accepting donations. If there are any Rotarians that can help with the delivery of the Christmas bags and toys, she would welcome the help!
Bev went through a few of their programs –
  • Early Identification & Intervention
  • Child Development Screenings
  • Free Dental Screening
  • Zumba for Kids
  • Toy Distribution
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Free fruits and vegetables
  • Coat distribution
And lots more. Not sure what we would do without them!

Today’s program was offered by Gene Lumsden, owner of Turner’s Outdoorsman.


Gene gave us a bit of his background as to how he ended up in the sporting goods business. It turns out that Gene was discovered as a competitive trap shooter early in life, which led to quite a career as a professional shooter. It all started by buying a $1 raffle ticket that got him a shotgun re-loader. After his father bought him a shotgun, his shooting career became legendary.


As Gene advanced up to Olympic Games, he finally arrived at the idea that he was really good at shooting, but wanted to do more to make his mark. So he began a series of career steps that led up to becoming the CEO of a rifle importer, which purchased a near defunct Turner’s Outdoorsman in 2009. The company has become the largest seller of sporting firearms in California – with more growth to come.


Gene spent some time discussing current and upcoming legislation in California, and the problems the laws present to the public.


Gene spent some time discussing the upcoming “re”-registration requirement for AR style rifles – even if you own one that was purchased and registered in California, it must be re-registered to avoid the owner becoming a de facto felon. Gene thinks that is unreasonable, and discussed the ramifications.


Gene also discussed the upcoming regulations that will require a $50 permit for the purchase of ammunition in California. No one knows how it will happen, who will enforce it, or where the money will go. What Gene suspects is that people will just buy their ammo while visiting Nevada.


An amazing success story! Thanks for your talk, Gene!

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