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Jun 01, 2016
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Jul 13, 2016
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Jul 27, 2016
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Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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The focus of Tim’s presentation was that we don’t need government interfering in all our lives and businesses. We need to get government interference reduced!



Rotarian Nyron McLean introduced the VTT team from India. The team members are all involved in dairy in some way in India. They have visited a dairy farm in Hemet, a creamery in Riverside and a chemical factory in La Habra.

Victoria Alexander introduced members of Odyssey of the Mind and spoke about the success of engaging students in improving themselves through education.


Governor Rudy Westervelt introduced new Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) members: Denise Amante, Jerry Savage, Lyle Barkley, Bill Stanley, Armand LeSage and Dave Stuart.

President Lyle thanked Bob Mosby for creating a beautiful board with pictures of Rotary Auction items and charities we support. The board will be available at the District Conference.

Rim Education Foundation presented today.
ROP Program:
Stephanie Phillips gave us a bit of background on the Rim Ed Foundation missions – and provided a few students as examples of their work. The ROP program is designed to help students prepare for and get into a college or vocational program.  Students get college credit that they can use to help gain admission to all sorts of schools.
We had Carter as an example of a young man who has been accepted to the fire academy after being appointed a fire explorer through the ROPO program.
We also had Kylie who has been going to acting and directing school as a result of her participation in the program.
AVID Program:
Jackie Lopez and Tom Flores are two student participants in the AVID program – Advancement Via Individual Determination.
AVID is a program designed to help students prepare for and gain admission to a 4 year college. According to the students, the program provides everything a student needs to prepare for and make college happen!





Lyle called our Rotarian Women to the front, and presented them with “Celebration of Women in Rotary” pins!



Check out Bob Mosby's Photo Album of Rebuilding Together on the
left hand column.

Manny gave us a bit of history – he has been working on the mountain for about 16 years. The yard primarily works on maintenance, he doesn’t have much input on projects the district do.
Manny spent quite a bit of time going over the new road dividers on Highway 18 – again with the note that his job is to figure out how to maintain the barricade once it’s installed. Manny explained that the project is being done in sections to cut down on traffic disruptions. 
There were lots of questions regarding the barricade program – and Manny did a great job answering them, but the fact remains that his people had nothing to do with the project, and in fact are working hard to figure out how to maintain it!
Manny noted that the reduced speed limits that are in effect are going to be strictly enforced – SO BE CAREFUL! The plan is to complete the project this year.

Derek gave us an update on progress at Rim High.
2016 is a “growing” year – student population is up a little for the first time in a number of years.  They are working on a very high end college prep program – “Scott’s Encounter” and have added 6 new AP classes. The goal is to become a super competitive high school again. They will be bringing back the Blue Ribbons! They are experimenting with new class schedules that permit additional classes to be taken, which Derek has high hope for
They are working on Mountain High, and have made a number of changes including dedicating faculty to the program. This year, Mountain has 44 students, they are expecting 50 next year.



Joyce Garrison and Sue Walker presented today with a talk about the homeless on the mountain. They work with St. Richards Episcopal Church outreach – and have a focus on the homeless.


They are in the process of developing a program – and have discovered that it’s not as easy as distributing food. There are lots of government agencies and procedures, as well as the simple problems of finding the homeless to enable them to help. Evidently, there are very few county caseworkers – only 4, and there are no services or workers dedicated to the mountain communities.


They can use help –if you would like to help, leave your email address and they will be in touch, and if you would like to make a donation, direct it to Hearts and Lives.







Lyle presented a donation check to the

Lake Arrowhead COOP Nursery.


Today’s program was offered by April Nail, new music teacher from Rim High.
April started off with a brief bio, she has her degree from CSUSB, and she has finally moved to the mountain, which saves a lot of driving.
April teaches Band, Orchestra and Choir – and she tries hard to work with all of the groups. The Music Department will be having a concert on April 29 – all of the ensembles will be performing.
April spent quite a bit of time on Kilts – she found out that they had originally been donated by Rotary – and she could use some help buying a new one for the Drum Major.
She is trying hard to promote the music department, there have been lots of up and down in previous years, she is trying hard to change that. One of her focus groups is the marching band! She is hoping to organize and take the group to competitions in the state – and one way we could help is to help pay for transportation to the events.
She will bring the band – or some piece of it to the auction in November!

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