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Aug 31, 2016
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Sep 07, 2016
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Sep 14, 2016
Sep 21, 2016
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Sep 28, 2016
Dr. Bueller
Oct 12, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
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Exchange Student Experience
Oct 26, 2016
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Action for Children - Zambia
Nov 02, 2016
Auction Prep
Nov 09, 2016
Auction Results
Nov 23, 2016
Dec 14, 2016
Dec 21, 2016
Dec 28, 2016
New Years
Feb 01, 2017

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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Polly Sauer, Executive Director of the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce provided today’s program.
Polly had a few interesting thoughts – it turns out our little community ranks up with Lake Cuomo Italy and a couple of resorts in the Swiss Alps as a great vacation destination! Also, our own LouEddie’s Pizza is listed in the top 10 in the U.S., also the Waffle House is in the top 10! We are a top destination for trip advisor.
SO it seems as if our Chamber has been working diligently to promote our little community.
Polly also spent some time talking about the fact that the Chamber no longer receives any of the funds from the county bed tax – even though the county receipts are around $2 million, about $925,000 is generated from here! Polly suggests that we each draft a letter to Janice Rutherford, our Supervisor, to try and get the rules changed to allow for this important budget item. Mary-Justine Lanyon recently wrote an article in the Mountain News detailing the issues, and ways they we may be able to help. Polly recommends we read the article and then write to Ms. Rutherford. One other suggestion is to come to a MAC meeting – held the first Thursday every month.
Everyone is really excited about this year’s Home Tour – the theme is “Rustic Chic” and sounds like a lot of fun.
Polly also discussed the Special Olympics program the Chamber sponsored – and the great success of our local athletes! Polly gave us a bit of info on new programs in this area for this year.






Karen Reams and Bob Kinzle of Park & Recreation gave an update on new projects. The Tour de Lake Arrowhead is August 27th. Over 200 riders are expected. Please call Bob if you are interested in volunteering.








Today Postal Inspector Steve Bolz presented.
Steve is an investigator for the US Postal Service – and manages to run into some very interesting crimes.  It seems that putting mail in a collection box can be dangerous – Steve spends quite a bit of time looking into people who steal mail, find checks then change the payee name and cash the checks.  No fair.
Another popular scam is people offering lottery winnings by mail – the scam includes sending money for taxes or bank fees so they can send you your winnings. Turns out Steve has a terrible time convincing the victims they are the subject of a scam – and they often continue to send money to fraudsters. Usually elderly people, but not always, sometimes younger people are caught too. Steve presented a bunch of photos of evidence of the crime - something for us to look out for with friends and relatives.
There seems to be no end as to how people scam the public.

Michelle French, Laurel and Marilyn made a quick presentation about the Rim Education Foundation. A few of the things they do, and this year’s change to focusing the grants on a per student basis.
If anyone is interested, they are always looking for more Board members!
Deborah presented our donation to the Foundation - $1,000 with a request that they present at the Auction.

Linda Smith from Comfort Pets presented today, to fill us in on the benefits of their carefully trained dogs. She terms them a “Gift of Life from God.” We had three dogs with us today – including the beautiful Chelsea, Barry Robinson’s special friend.
Linda explained the beginnings of the program, and the benefits that are derived from the pets – up to and including a lowering of the pet owner’s blood pressure! They were organized in 2006,
and have grown to have 50 teams in the field at this point. They visit 12 to 15 healthcare facilities monthly, and have 9 training programs currently in the mountains.
The dogs are carefully trained to have a great temperament, to accept friendly strangers and to love children.
Their goal is to provide training to pets that will help to enhance human life. Dog can provide a calming influence on their owners, and help provide identifiable health benefits.
The group raises money through community donations and the sale of custom built first aid kits – available for $30 each.
After Linda’s presentation, Deborah presented Linda with our clubs donation check!


Today’s program was offered by Warren Green – from the UltraLife Body Scan organization.


Warren promoted the value of having a full body scan to help identify potential and active health problems Warrens company will be here in Lake Arrowhead on August 12 and is currently taking appointments for these helpful procedures.


A few thoughts on preventative care: The scan helps to identify people – usually young people – who are at risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest – which is mostly fatal.


Don’t forget – when it comes to preventative care, YOU are the one in charge.!


Eagle Scout Project!
Eagle Scout Candidate Danny presented his project – to build and fill a sandbox for the Kindergarteners at VOE. He already has a good start on the project, but needs about an additional $450 to wrap up! The necessary funds were pledged by Geoff Hopper through his proxy Davis. (Davis pledged for half as well. Not necessary to feel too bad for poor Geoff)


Presentation of a Grant to Mountain’s Community Hospital
Pat Davis, representing Mountain’s Community Hospital received our check to pay for a new Treatment and Care cart for the hospital - !

Karen Baldwin presented Girl Scout Troop 1186.
Karen had a PowerPoint presentation, but, as is often the case, the computers weren’t cooperating!
Each of the Scouts made a brief presentation:
Olivia – has been a Scout since the 7th grade, has done 132 hours of community service and is working on her “Gold Award” – working to extend the Lending Library, and is working on extending it to the pre-school level.
Tia - has been a Girl Scout for 6 years, and reports the Troop has logged almost 1000 of community service! Tia likes serving the Hospital and Camp Paivika. She has earned her “Silver Award” and is working on the “Gold,” working to help animal shelters and a “How to take care of your Pet” program.
Cassidy – LOTS of service activities – Special Olympics, Camp Paivika, and honing her mediocre acting skills! She is working on a “Gold Award” with a focus on Fire Awareness.
Amber – Has been a Scout for 7 years, a great experience! They don’t sell cookies anymore – they leave that to the younger girls, but they are fundraising for a College visit trip. Her Gold Award is focused on the Pathways program – she hopes to extend it to the elementary level.
Thacker thanked the girls for all of their help at all of the community spaghetti dinners – which seem to have become a specialty! Barry Robinson also thanked them for all of the help at the Le Grande Picnic.
Troop Leader Karen reports that the group is 14 girls strong – which is a bit unusual for girls of their age – but very gratifying. Karen mentioned that the “Gold Award” in Girl Scouts is roughly equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout award, but is far rarer – she estimates that there is only one Gold Award for every 100 Eagle Scouts.
Congratulations to the girls of Troop 1186!




Bob Mosby reports that the “Relay for Life” event happened last week – Thanks to Denise for her participation and raising $500. The event raised $45,000 – Toni’s team was number 2 at $6,000! Bob

passed along the plaque for Rotary’s participation.


Fireside chat – Rudy and Karyn’s tomorrow evening, 6pm including dinner and drinks – 13 confirmed so far!
Our Exchange student Midori is back from her train tour, back on the mountain last Friday – Special thanks to Rudy and Karyn for opening their home to Midori. Deborah presented an “Above and Beyond” award to the Westervelt’s along with flowers.

Today’s speaker is our State Senator, The Honorable Mike Morrell.
Mike gave us a bit of background on himself, his family and the projects he has lined up in Sacramento. He spend some time talking about what he sees as the major problem with our bloated government – we evidently have amassed $679,000 in unfunded liabilities for every person in the U.S. Mike doesn’t see this as sustainable, and is looking for ways to fix the problem.
As far as California is concerned, the weather is great, but in a survey, comes in dead last as a desirable place to start a business. We have the highest taxes, the most regulations and fees, etc. etc. etc. We also account for 34% of the welfare in the US. Mike is working to find ways to help. One recent accomplishment is to get the so called fire fee into court – with a goal of labeling it what it is – a tax – and an illegal tax at that.
Mike spent a few minutes talking about ways that we can work to restore what the founders had in mind – a free and unfettered country.
Mike seemed to be a dedicated hard working public servant – a phrase he pointed out.

2016 PolaRotary Plunge
Pat Raines of the noon club presented our plungers with their Certificates of Valor for their efforts-
Plungers: Lyle, Laura, Denise, Thacker, Jake, Eric, Babe, Mary and Rudy.
Our group raised $3015 this year. Pat reports that they have raised $130,000 over the last 8 years!

Odyssey of the Mind Presentation
The students – Marla, Juliana, Ethan and Mackin presented the “Odyssey” project – a very interesting group founded to promote creative thinking in problem solving.
Sounds very interesting!

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