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Jim Johnstone
May 24, 2017
Fire Conditions
Brenda Gibson
May 31, 2017
Lake Arrowhead Art Tour July 1st
Camp Pavika
Jun 07, 2017
Jun 14, 2017
Rotary Leadership Conference

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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Tracy Lenocker presented the Emergency Communications Network for today’s program.
Quite a number of agencies involved –
  • California Disaster Corps
    • CERT and Community members
    • We are one of 3 counties in the state
  • County Fire OES
    • Fire Corps
    • Emergency Services
    • COAD, now called Rim Community Alliance
     Sheriff’s Department


Search and Rescue

Medical Reserve Corps

California Highway Patrol

CHP Senior Volunteer Program


There are lots of agencies that need communication and coordination. The ECS has 40 members, and work through what appears to be a well-equipped network to help with passing communication from agency to agency. The public can listen in with scanners and get reports on fires, traffic, roads, weather etc. May times, the information in the reports comes from the public through reports to 911 or members.
There ae communication centers placed at fire stations 91 and 25, at the hospital, at the Presbyterian Church, and they have a mobile unit in the CERT trailer. They are working on putting radios in school busses, and they are working on a “Winline” program to provide emergency internet services.
The members practice every Monday, and offer classes for licensing in April and October.
Quite a network – nice to know they are here!
Thank you, Tracy!



Pat Raines from the Noon Club presented our winnings from the PolaRotary Plunge.


We received $1,949!

Our group was number 4 in cash raised!

The first $500 goes to the Noon Club, the second $500 to Project Child Save.


Scott Markovich, Member of the RotWUSD gave a report on the school district.


Scott reports that we have been through a pretty challenging period – declining enrollment has been a problem, but it seems that the problem may be leveling out. The district has been able to maintain most programs including sports and vocational curriculum – which is helpful.


Scott spent a few minutes on school standards and measurements, and described how they relate to funding that is received from the state. Scott built a case supporting “Common Core” which he believes is working well.


Scott spent a few minutes on facilities and District economics, including the properties where schools have been closed, the building where the District offices are, and some land owned that they are working with the Parks and Rec district on.


Scott reports that for the most part, Rim Schools are in good shape – and he is very optimistic for the future.

Mad Science Night Check Presentation!
Emily, Paulina and Colby are her to receive our $250 check to sponsor the Physics Room at Mad Science Night, to be held Wednesday, May 24 from 5:30 to 7:30 at Rim.
Colby described one of the experiments: Phone Book Friction!
Emily is constructing a pendulum to explore perpetual motion.
Colby is the Physics Room Leader!
Club Secretary and Registered Investment Advisor Barry Smart did a review of markets and financial goings on since the election. No one threw anything except comments – so it went well!
Everyone was surprised by the “Trump-Bump!”
Janice Rutherford is today’s guest speaker – and she is just now back from a visit to the cruising Aircraft Carrier the USS Theodore Roosevelt – quite an adventure!
Janice gave a brief bit of her background, and introduced her staff at our meeting.
Janice told us that the mission of the County Government is 4 basic RES:
  1. To provide municipal style services to county areas.
  2. Regional infrastructure.
  3. Provide a social safety net – which is ¾ of the budget.
  4. Provide law and justice through the Sheriff’s office and the court system.
It seems that one of our largest problems is the law and justice system, as the State has push the prison population down to the counties, the counties quickly ran out of resources, so the probation department has been trying to pick up the slack created by what has ended up being an early release program.
Janice spoke a bit about zoning and land use, and gave a brief overview on the SkyPark approval hearings and progress. The next hearing is set for May 18, and it wouldn’t hurt a thing if we contacted all of the county supervisors and let them know our thoughts on the project.
Touring and Community marketing is a big item, the program used to provide money to the local Chambers of Commerce, but that program ran into control problems. So the county took over and didn’t do much better, so they are re-thinking the program, possibly back to the Chamber with more controls. The money comes from a local bed-tax on hotels and other lodging facilities. AirBnB is doing better at collections; the county is looking to work direct with them to eliminate the collection from homeowner’s problem.
There were a couple of questions; everyone is pretty tired of Davis Hopper whining about the diesel engine replacement requirements. Janice spent a few minutes trying to sympathize with him.
Thanks Janice!

Hospital Administrator Charlie Harrison discussed operations at the hospital, and the current vote to continue the annual district tax – that’s collected on our property tax bills.


Operations are doing well – they just self-funded a $4.5 million seismic upgrade on the building, including new ramps and bathrooms.


Occupancy is up – which means more Medicare which only pays 40% of the billings on average. They provided 7000 patient-days of care in the last year, and 1200 in Acute Care. The Emergency Room is always busy.


Charlie asks all of us to vote, and if we have the opportunity to discuss the vote with our friends, urge them to vote “YES” too!



The hospital has 218 employees – and is a valuable part of our community.

Steve Wilson provided information about what seems to be a well-engineered nutrition program that can help people who have or are pre-diabetic.
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