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Aug 23, 2017
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Oct 25, 2017
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Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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We meet Wednesdays at 07:00 AM
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Dave and Carl from Search and Rescue presented today.


We always enjoy supporting the SAR group – and enjoy hearing stories of their helping the public – todays favorite was about a nice gentleman who needed to be picked off of the side of Mount Baldy – and needed to be rescued again at the same spot because he had left his sweater behind.


Nice work!

New Member Initiation
The membership director is busy with new members:
Marc Ouellet: A local for 3 months! Mark is a loan officer at Mountain West Financial.
Lindsay Chadwick: Ran a Tiger Woods golf clinic, now at the Antlers!
Welcome to both!

Today’s Guest Speaker – Ralph Wagner presented his “Let’s Make Lake Arrowhead Full Again” program.


Ralph has been a full lake advocate for almost as long as the lake has been here. Ralph presented a lot of lake history, and facts concerning the way the watershed in our area works, and a few ways we might be able to supply more water to the lake.


Ralph is a proponent of re-introducing treated potable water to our lake – and figures it could add about 2 feet of water annually. There has been a grant of $400,000 made to study to viability of the project – which Ralph favors mightily!



Barry Robinson presented the story of Paul Harris, our founder and also an attorney. (So what) Barry discussed the Fellowship program, and the hoops to be jumped through to earn the Fellowship Award.


Pat Davis presented John Moore with his Paul Harris Fellowship +4 – A very high honor for both John Moore and for our club!

Bev Rios, the Care Coordinator and Oral Health Program Manager for Hearts and Lives, retuned to give us a succinct report about this dynamic organization that first emerged as part of the recovery effort during the aftermath of the October 2003 Old Fire.
The current mission of Hearts and Lives is to address needs of the Rim Mountain Communities through case management, education, direct services and referrals, collaborating with governmental and non-profit community resource providers.
Through a collage of many programs, Hearts and Lives improves the quality of life for many in our community, especially children.  A few of the services offered are oral health care, screenings and intervention for early childhood development, assistance for food, rent and utilities, Zumba for kids, behavioral health services.  Hearts and Lives also remains poised to help in the event of new disasters on the mountain as they may occur. 
Our Master of Inductions Geoff Hopper introduced three new members to the group:  Davie Bauld, Tom Maune and Jamie Zinn.  Davie Bauld is a long time mobile technician, owning H Mobile Services. Tom Maune is a police lieutenant at Patton State Hospital and lives in Crestline. Jamie Zinn is the owner and operator of Triple Edge Financial services and is transferring from Lake Arrowhead Rotary Club. She is also our Rotary District Treasurer.  Geoff then led us all in our solemn ritual induction.
Bill Priest gave us a quick overview of progress at SkyPark – IT’S APPROVED!!!  The park has been officially approved for full operation!
Bill told a story about the early days of Santa’s Village, and it’s founder Putty Henck. Bill told the story about the bringing together of the mountain communities with the original park – it made people from Arrowbear to Crestline feel like on community.
They are looking forward to hosting a Mountain Biking event, getting the Zipline operational, getting permits for the campground and the fishing pond
Lots of new stuff on the way!
Karen Reames – is, as everyone already knows, in charge or Parks and Rec. Actually, she is largely credited with saving it during Davis Hoppers stint as director
Bill Herrmann: A refugee from the furniture business, Bill has 4 kids and 2 grand kids – wife Denise joined him today for moral support.
Adam Lowe – Has the dubious distinct of being the second youngest member ever initiated to the club. Adam is the service manager at Twin Peaks Auto, and believes that Rory is way too old to install a transmission. Adam’s girlfriend Melissa joined him today.
Babe Gomez is the Bar Manager and mixologist at the Antlers – and has joined us in the PolaRotary plunge the last few years! Her baby Orin joined us at today’s breakfast.
Initiation Master did his usual fine job of administering the oath of the club.
Bob Mosby came forward to present a sponsorship check to Karen Reames to help with the “Run Through the Pines.”  Bob announced that the Cancer Walk netted about $60,000
Dr. Jon Perumal presented a Rotary Thailand Vocational Training Team project – A farm water project in Thailand.
It turns out that there are a large number of family farms in Thailand that have problems with irrigation, which creates a large problem when rain isn’t regular.
The King of Thailand – the longest ruling monarch ever – was born in the U.S.A., and had an idea to help solve the problem. They divided the farms into 4 pieces of land – ¼ for rice, ¼ for livestock, ¼ for a cash crop and ¼ for a pond. After a period, and the introduction of a foundation to help finance the construction of the ponds, the program has become a success. Each pond costs about $1500, and has become a major source of agricultural water storage – and saved a good number of farms.
John was pretty enthusiastic – and suggested that we consider sponsoring a pond!
The Parks and Recreation agency was presented today by the full staff, Karen, Veronica, Carly and Bob.
A few high points:
  • They are working with the school district to develop uses for the Lake Gregory school facility; they are hoping to open in September.
  • Carly is the marketing specialist, and she is working with the Special Olympics – and needs volunteers!
  • Veronica presented the youth sports program which is operated by a private company.
  • Ken presented the “Ruin Through the Pines” program
    • They had 404 entries last year, inviting 500 this time.
    • It will be held on August 12, and start at the Lake Gregory Ed Center.
    • Bob thinks we should be a sponsor – and pony up!
    • They need volunteers to help out.
  • Karen presented lots of other projects including classes that they are organizing, and an “Active Transportation Plan” whatever that is.
A pretty busy bunch – and Karen announced that she is interested in becoming a Sunrise Rotarian!
Lilly started off presenting for her “Odyssey of the Mind” group!
Lilly explained a bit about the program with a video of their visit to the Nationals!
The goal was to create ways to solve problems that were presented – by thinking out of the box – and these kids appear to be pretty good at it.
We helped get them to Michigan, and the finals. There were hundreds of teams there from all over the country, and even a few international teams. OUR GROUP CAME IN NUMBER 14!!
All of the kids helped in the presentation – and everyone seemed to have had a great time!
Speaker Number 2: David Kane – “FAA/LAX Flyover Zones”
David Kane has made a study of the new FAA Routes to approach our Southern California airports.
He began his study when he noticed that it seemed that the number of large aircraft flying over the Lake Arrowhead area had increased markedly. He also noticed that the aircraft were flying much lower than they had in the past.
Mr. Kane looked into the matter and discovered that the FAA has recently initiated new approach routes that directed a much larger share of air traffic to fly directly over our community. He further discovered that the new routes were proposed by the FAA, and hearings were held to seek community reaction to the change and subsequent LARGE increase in noise and other pollution that is now affecting our community – AND IS LIKELY TO DRAMATICALLY INCREASE. Upon investigation, Mr. Kane found that almost no one attended or commented at the hearings, most likely due to the fact that the FAA did not provide proper notification to the public. In fact, it appeared to him that the FAA has purposely downplayed the hearings to keep attendance down.
David believes that it is in the interest of our community to ask the FAA to revert to the previous flight path which takes aircraft over uninhabited areas, and he is hopeful the community will come out in force to protest.
David has contacted Congressman Cook, and the Congressman has written to the FAA in our support – but more citizen reaction is needed.
David is circulating a petition for locals to sign asking that the decision to be reconsidered.
Speaker Number One: Wen Chan
Wen works in Public Relations with the Epoch Media Group, which has a focus on human rights in China.
Wen reports that China has a very serious problem with human rights. In the past, the Chinese government has run a vast disinformation campaign, up to and including reporting that students were responsible for the death of soldiers during the Tiananmen Square massacre, not the other way around.
There is a group of people in China and around the world that subscribe to a practice known as “Falun Gong;” a program of body and mind “re-calibration” that is said to purify energies, and dredge out block-outs and impurities that compromise well-being. Evidently, the people who follow this practice are considered by the government as being less that second class, and are reportedly subject to vast inhumane treatment.
The Falun Gong have been reported as victims of organ harvesting for the profit of the government. One interesting bit of evidence is the wait times for transplant surgeries – which is extraordinarily short, 2 weeks for a liver for example. Some believe that the recipient of the organ can actually order an organ to specification, and the system finds a suitable donor to fill the order.
Wen’s view is that the practice is akin to the Holocaust – and it needs to be exposed for the world to see – and end. for more information.
The speaker was our own Paul Fournier who is our upcoming Membership Chair.  Having recently attended Rotary training, he shared not only some what he learned but information from Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People that resonated the possibilities for growing our club.  Everyone received a handout that elucidated 12 aspects of Carnegie’s work that could help us do better with membership.  Playing to a raucous crowd, Paul gave an impressive PowerPoint presentation about Carnegie’s approach and it’s relevance increasing membership.

Kelly Kunsak gave us a report on the Camp – which is celebrating its 70th birthday!

It was organized 70 years by a Los Angeles Rotary Club, and has been in continuous operation since then. One of the camps main functions is to provide a place for a challenged to severely challenged person to get away for a week – and usually give their primary caregiver (often mom and dad) a break.


A few new items – They recently received approval for an official zip line – which will be built to be used by almost anyone with any disability – which is quite an accomplishment! They are also working on a program for disabled veterans.


Kelly was delighted to (pre) announce that they have received a very-very-very large endowment donation which will put the camp in financially GREAT position indefinitely – CONGRATULATIONS!

Chuck Spencer spoke about the mission of the camp – and made an appeal to the community to not only help with finances, but also consider helping with your time. They always need volunteers to help!
The will be having a 70th Anniversary celebration on July 29 – watch for detail.
Today’s Official Speaker was our own Pat Davis who gave a program about the Mountain Arts Gallery (MAG) on Lake Arrowhead by the Belgian Waffle House in theVillage. Their mission is to promote art in the mountains. MAG is a coop of 50 artists who live in our mountain communities. 20% of the sales go to support the Gallery with the rest going to the artists. They offer classes for children and also adults with disabilities. To further fund their mission, they will sponsor their 5th Mountain Artists Studio Tour on June 30 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. This is a self-guided tour of local  mountain artists’ studios. Participants can get their $25.00 tickets at Mountain Arts Gallery and The Lake House; they are payable by PayPal on their website at
MPH students Annie Reid and Sammy Perkins reported on their middle school Interact Club. They are doing fundraisers to fund their service. At the MPH Spring Festival they will have a tug of war fundraiser. They are also selling lovely greeting cards that they they have designed themselves. These were available atour club meeting for $5.00 each. Proceeds used for charitable giving including
the purchase of a goat and two chickens for those in need through World Vision.
Joyce Garrison and Sue Walker reported on the new Mountain Homeless Coalition (MHC), which they reported has begun with the help of St. Richard’s Episcopal Church, Lake Arrowhead Community Presbyterian Church and other organizations in the community. This new organization emerged from a homeless Point in Time Count in January of 2016 followed by another in January 2017. Nine were counted in 2016; 31 were counted in 2017.
The Coalition is now addressing issues of homelessness on our mountain year-round. They participated in the May 20th Health Fair in Crestline, and they are currently working to ensure that the 113 Rim of the World USD students considered homeless will begin school in the fall with backpacks and other supplies needed. MHC will also sponsor a summit on homeless Thursday, July 27 with speaker Phillip Mongano. The time and place are (TBA). At this summit the community will learn more about Housing First, a new cost-effective and successful program for addressing the issues of homelessness.