Chris Carter - CHP PIO

Chris Carter, Public Information Office for the California Highway Patrol, was the speaker today.
Chris works at the Running Springs office of the CHP. They have 25 patrol officers and 4 sergeants working out of that office. Chris works as the information officer.
Chris noted a few items – especially the winter parking problems in the mountains! In response to questions regarding plans to ease the problem, Chris said that their focus is on enforcement, and at the moment knows of no state or other program in place to coordinate any changes. They do have concerns for emergency vehicles during a traffic crunch.
There was a question regarding the Highway 18 median barrier – they have had no problem with it and credit the barrier with cutting down on “crossover” events. There was some talk about other problems such as enforcement of lighting on cars during bad weather or fog – with which they are tasked with aggressive enforcement.
Chris mentioned that the dispatch phone number is 909-428-5400 which is available for public use to report problems.  Chris will be teaching an “Age Well” driving class on April 26, 9am at the San Moritz lodge.