Dan Begley - Arborist

Dan Begley, Certified Arborist offered today’s program.
First off, Dan discussed “defensible space” – something we should all be concerned with. He labels the program Separation of Fuels
  • Remove ladder fuels to about 6 feet
  • Horizontal fuels – space between the trees – remove highly flammable fuels like manzanita and scotch broom.
  • On a steep slope, allow for more separation.
  • Native trees ought to be spaced about 10 feet apart.
  • Don’t rake the ground bare! It’s best to lease a 2” duff layer, it helps to hold moisture for the tree, and to provide nutrients
Dan went through the “value of a tree” computation – a high quality mature tree might be worth $25,000 or more! It is computed by the square inches of the tree’s circumference.
Dan recommends trees be assessed prior to cutting them down. Lots of questions for the tree expert! AND the presentation of the “I Got Mugged at Mt. Sunrise Rotary” mug!