Deputy Steve Theis - Twin Peak Sheriff Dept.

Deputy Steve Theis from the Twin Peaks sheriff station spoke today.
A few items:
  • 32 full time staff
  • 15 patrol deputies
  • 7 professional staff
  • 71 volunteers
  • 10 explorers
  • They have answered 11,300 calls for service this year.
  • 1282 criminal reports
  • 400 adult bookings
There are 3 beats on the mountain – Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs and Crestline. They cover all the way to Lake Silverwood.
A few happenings:
Grizzly Road – drug offense, along with an illegal stuffed mountain lion.
Commercial burglaries in the Village, Leroy’s and the Vape shop. They recovered a good amount of the stolen items when they found the suspect in a stolen car.
A man was charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment when he forced his ex-girlfriend into a car.
A man was reported as “Going Crazy!” and arrested for elder abuse.
Deputy Tice says one of our most serious problems is burglary of unoccupied homes to fund drug problems.
Thanks for the report – and Thanks for your service!