Dr. Win - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Win was today’s presenter.
This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Dr. Win gave us an overview of what’s up in the battle against Breast Cancer.  The treatments and discovery is getting very sophisticated. She recommends a book – “Cancer for Two” as a very good resource for couples going through the process.
Dr. Win says that they recommend screening with no age limit, every two years, and that family history is very significant. Good news: our hospital has a digital mammo machine, so you can get screened on the mountain with quick digital service. Dr. Win reports that 1 in 10 mammograms require follow up. There is a high false negative in the alternative medicine area, she recommends the mammogram to reduce the incidences.
Dr. Win is excited to report that we have a new surgeon starting on November 1!
Lots of praise for Dr. Win for our member patients!