Keith Martin - Chess Club

Keith Martin- Speaking on Chess clubs in our schools. While a school teacher in Chicago, Keith found the game of chess a great benefit to the kids that participate. A disadvantaged student, Steve, with failing grades began attending the chess club regularly. Chess became an incentive for him to get passing grades when he wanted to play chess competitively. He began working with his teachers to get caught up and passing on his course work. Years later Keith ran into Steve at a restaurant and Steve attributed chess in helping him, “Make it out of the barrios and become a success.”
On November 3, 2018, there will be 70 kids from the chess program in the cafeteria of MPH playing chess. It is free for students to join if they join the Thursday prior to November 3rd. Come and watch as chess builds the confidence of our youth!
If you would like to help we are in need of donations and equipment. We need the support of Administration and Teachers to facilitate chess clubs in our schools.
Thank you to Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club for your donation. With your donation we were able to purchase books to teach chess.
To learn more go to Keith’s website: