Michelle Murphy - Rim School District

Michelle Murphy gave us an update on the School District with her guest Ginny Haberland.
Michelle notes that Rim is considered a “High Performing School” due to the performance of our students, highly trained faculty and our ongoing programs.
Michelle reports we have a safe school – and a well-equipped one too. They have a computer system that keeps track of everyone, and provide=s alerts for security.
One of the main tasks that is being worked on is attendance. Funding is based upon attendance, so we need to get our percentage attendance up.
Michelle announced a new District Newsletter that will feature community leaders – this time Butch Baumann will be the subject! They are also putting a “Weekly Spotlite” on the website – to help with the goal to “Always Be Communicating.” Along with the new communications, they are working on a recognition program, working on a lesson plan for using social media, and are looking forward to a textbook update. Other new areas of interest are a 3-D print program, and a drone program.
Other new features are the “Adopt a Freshman” mentoring program and a career speakers’ agenda.
Michelle says we are in good shape, have a number of new things underway, and they are looking forward to a successful year!