John Moore - Rotary Foundation

John Moore, after being presented with his Paul Harris +5 pin, and reporting on neighborhood activities involving a bobcat and Jax, his dog, last night presented the Foundation program – both the local program and the Rotary International program.
Everyone needs to fill out a pledge form! You can make your pledges to both the national organization, and to our local causes. John went through the Rotary International Foundation program. It was founded in 1917 by a gentleman named Arch Klumph. Appropriately named, Arch started the foundation with about $27 which has grown over the years to have distributed $3.95 Billion dollars world-wide.
John reports that we currently have 35,656 clubs with 1,202,937 members. There are about 30,000 service projects underway at any given time! As a group, RI members contribute 24,000,000 volunteer hours every year, not to forget we also have lots of Rotaract and Interact members who help out.
 John went through how the Foundation program works, with local giving staying local and Rotary International Foundation money moving up the structure – but with about half of it coming back through local grants.
 One of the biggest programs – Polio + - has all but eliminated polio, with work still going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
 John built a pretty good case for generous contributions to both local and international – This year’s RI budget is $480,000,000!!  So let’s help out – FILL OUT A FORM!  Thanks John.